Our history

Our history

Рисунок2The NewChem Technology LLC is a scientific and engineering Company established in May 2012 by the NTK New Chemistry LLC and the Leader Venture Capital Fund with the purpose of development and commercialization of some promising innovative chemical technologies based on the use of a new original way of organizing mass exchanging processes (the NewChem-method) in combination with other effective processes of sorption and ion-exchange.  

Рисунок3The scientific foundations of the technologies being developed are based on the results of fundamental researches by scientists from the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GEOKHI RAS), other academic institutes, as well as on the scientific and technical developments of the NTK New Chemistry LLC, made within the years 2005 -2011 

Рисунок4In 2012, the Leader Venture Fund invested 40 million rubles in the Company

In 2014, the NPP Radiy PJSC bought out its share in the Company from theРисунок7 Leader Company and became a strategic partner and investor for it. Further, within 2014 – 2017, the NPP Radiy invested more than 66 million rubles in the Company. 

 Рисунок6Since 2013, the NewChem Technology LLC has been a member of the Skolkovo project.







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