Our mission

We see our mission in satisfying the needs of our clients in high-tech technological products and engineering in a quality and efficient manner, thereby contributing to an increase in their stability and competitiveness in the Russian and world markets.

To this end, we strive to solve complex “unsolvable” technological problems, while ensuring that our solutions are at the level of the best existing analogues in the world or surpass them.

Areas of our interest

Our interests are focused on fine chemical processes and technological redistributions associated with the separation, concentration and isolation of mineral components in liquid multicomponent media (mainly electrolytes) in various fields, including:

      • agricultural chemistry;
      • hydrometallurgy of non-ferrous, rare and rare-earth metals;
      • basic inorganic chemistry;
      • purification and recycling of industrial effluents;
      • water treatment and desalination;
      • some other related areas.

Our approach

In our work, we adhere to the principle of solving the customer's problem comprehensively. By offering this or other technological or technical solution, we carry out its engineering study, taking into account the specific conditions and wishes of the customer, in accordance with existing industry standards and bring the idea to the level of industrial applicability.

According to the Information Agency, the NewChem Technology LLC is listed in the TOP-250 leading designers of industrial facilities in Russia (register 2017, p. 88).

Everything we do - we do enthusiastically, implementing new ideas and adhering to high industry standards.

That is why our projects and our technologies make our clients stronger and more successful. We are ready to do the same for you as well.


"NewChem Techology" LLC,
125315,Moscow,Chasovaia st.,28