To: Investors and Customers

Having a portfolio of unique technological developments, the NewChem Technology LLC is open for cooperation with companies and individuals willing and able to participate in the commercialization on a mutually beneficial basis.

We are firmly convinced that highly profitable investment projects can be implemented on the basis of these developments in a relatively short time.

The developments we offer have varying degrees of completion and therefore still contain, in some cases, certain technical risks. In these cases, we are ready to help the interested investor to remove such risks quickly enough by carrying out additional R&D works.

In other cases, all R&Ds have already been completed, the necessary pilot tests have been carried out and there is a detailed design documentation ready for practical implementation.

In all cases, proudly presenting our technological developments and projects, we mention that we are open for constructive interaction with potential investors, customers and everyone who is seriously interested in high chemical technologies.

At the same time, the forms of cooperation may be different - depending on the specific project, the preferences of the potential investor and other factors: a license agreement, a partnership and investment agreement, an agreement for the supply of complete lines, an agreement for the turnkey construction of facilities, etc.

investFor more details on the projects and developments for investors and customers, please visit sections Agricultural Chemistry”, Hydrometallurgy, Water Processing and Desalination”.

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